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Solar Powered Gutter Lights™

" Inventor of The Original Solar Powered Gutter Light II™"
USA Patent# 7631982 Light Attachment System
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Saves Electricity Go Green Go Solar!!!

Mr Go Green® Solar Gutter Lights have a Variety of Useful Benefits

Homeowners - Campers - Vacation Homes - Disaster Relief - Hurricane Victims - Tornado, Flood, and Earthquake Relief - Commercial uses - Sailing and Boating - Realtor Signage Tool - Foreclosed and Vacant Housing - Off Grid Applications
*Temporarily out of stock on Li-3 Model* 
Sale In Progress on Sentry Model #MSL-3 Solar Motion Sensor Light.

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New 3.7 Volt 18650  2800 mAh Lithium Battery "Wide Coverage LED"Motion Sensor Solar Powered Gutter Light II (MSL Model)
(3.7volt Lithium battery Included)
MSL-3 model is for use indoors or outdoors.

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Save Money on Electricity and add security to you home and be ready for storms and unexpected power outages.  You will always have light with a Solar Rechargeable Gutter Light!  Go with Mr Go Green and Save Green Today!

Saves Electricity, No Wiring, Solar Powered, Attaches to Gutters, Fences, Signs, Walls and Flat Surfaces

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"Beware of Imitations Get the Original Mr GO GREEN PRODUCT"



  Attaches Easily to Gutters             Light Signs               On a Tree to Light Pathways            Lighting Fences

      Easy Installation, No Wiring, Solar Powered, Energy Saving, Portable, Security Light, Great for Power Outages
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               Order Mr Go Green's Gutter Light II it's our Brightest and the Best!!!
                    "Beware of Imitations Get the Original Mr GO GREEN PRODUCT"
Portable Flashlight             Attaches to Mast for Sailing      Patented Attachment System              

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The Gutter Light is a revolutionary new multi-use solar product with our Patented Attachment System that attaches to Gutters,  Walls, Signs, Fences, Trees, and to any Flat Surface. Idea for lighting Doorways, Walkways, Stairs, Garages, Sheds, Playgrounds, Boats, Yachts, Businesses, Warehouses, Vacation Homes, Rental properties and More. Our Original solar light has been redesigned and now offer The Gutter Light II our latest Li-3 model for extra brightness, wider coverage, and larger battery capacity. The unit is very compact so it can be stowed away in a backpack making it easy to tote around for backpacking and camping. The detachable solar light head can be detached and reattached to the mounting bar so that it doubles as a portable flashlight in case of emergencies where it can also be brought indoors for night long illumination inside the home. After each use it can be reattached to the base for additional charging and used for its primary use of perimeter lighting or just lighting stairways, fences, and other assessable areas around the
home. So, you can Clip them to any Gutter or Fasten them to a wall and start saving Electricity Today!                 

                                                       Save Money Go Green Go Solar!  

                          * Add Security Lighting to your Home, and your home emergency light ready.  

* Serves as a Rechargeable Light powered by the sun for long term lighting use.    

               * Back up Flash Light for Hurricanes, Storms, Floods, Earthquakes

 * The Gutter Light is a great item for any emergency
preparedness kit but also can be used everyday for lighting your home.


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